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Advancing Cancer Research

Funding Innovative Cancer Research

Philanthropic support is vital and fuels our focus on new discoveries for the future of cancer care. Our team of over 240 researchers are working on 66 wide-ranging research priorities, which include better screening methods, improving treatments, nursing research and cancer prevention.

Our research is special because it concentrates on Asian-specific cancers such as liver and lung cancer, those that are affecting us here in Singapore. This is important research that is not being done elsewhere in the World, it will help save the lives of our friends, families and colleagues.

Learn more below about some of the cutting-edge research projects that were supported through transformational gifts from donors like you. Thank you for making the difference.

Donate Now to Cancer Research

Temasek Foundation ACCESS (Accessible Cancer Care to Enable Support for Survivors) Programme

Cancer survivors often face a myriad of physical, emotional and psychological issues that impact their lives long after their cancer has gone. To address the current gap in holistic post-treatment care, NCCS is partnering Temasek Foundation to launch a pilot programme that will benefit 4,000 breast cancer patients through screening to assess patient’s emotional state, building a community network of medical support services for patients’ post-treatment recovery, developing a training programme to enable community partners to provide quality care for cancer survivors. 

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SingHealth Duke-NUS Institute of Biodiversity Medicine

Biodiversity underpins all life and is intertwined in our daily lives in more ways than that are apparent. In Western modern medicine, for example, 25% of all drugs are derived from rainforest plants, and 70% of cancer drugs are natural or synthetic products inspired by nature. The application of the knowledge of plants to treat disease and promote health has existed for thousands of years and the potential in tapping into this vast wealth of information to advance health and wellness through biodiversity medicine is tremendous. Your gift will go towards helping the institute leverage local biodiversity to advance research into nutrition, medicine and human health. 

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Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Oncology Programme Fund

This TCM Oncology Programme Fund is the first of its kind geared towards supporting research and education specific to TCM Oncology. This programme seeks to educate and groom the next generation of experts in the application of TCM in Oncology. The programme will also study TCM therapies that complement Western medical treatments to provide a more holistic approach to cancer care and treatment.

Research Accelerator Programme in Cancer Immunotherapy

Led by Associate Professor Toh Han Chong, Senior Consultant, Division of Medical Oncology, National Cancer Centre Singapore and his team, the programme focuses on advancing cancer immunotherapy research to improve cellular therapy production processes and uncover new potential therapies to treat COVID-19.

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