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We know how music can influence our mood and emotions in our daily lives. There are also studies suggesting that music has stress-reducing effects, and possible calming effects on both the performers and listeners.
This programme seeks to involve volunteers proficient in playing musical instruments to create melodies at our patient areas.

​BeneficiaryNCCS patients & caregivers
Volunteer position & description of volunteer service

To perform soothing and upbeat music pieces with any of the following musical instruments:
 - (Volunteers’ own) – Guitar / Ukulele / Harp / Keyboard
 - (NCCS provides) – Clavinova (digital piano)
Level of Patient Interaction: Low / Minimal interaction that may involve meeting patients

Commitment required

​You may commit to at least 3 collective hours to:
 (i) a 30-minute orientation session, plus
 (ii) at least 5x 30-minute service session or 3x 60-minute service session* 

*Any day(s) during (clinic operational hours) Monday to Friday, between 9am to 3pm

*Feel free to contact our Volunteer Engagement Team to discuss options.

​Minimum age​16 years old
Desired qualities, personality, talents and/or skills
  • Passionate about music
  • Skillful and knowledgeable in performing soothing and upbeat music pieces with any of the following musical instruments: 
     - (Volunteers’ own) – Guitar / Ukelele 
     - (NCCS provides) – Clavinova (digital piano)
What to noteAs this is an on-going programme through the year, there is a regular need for volunteer support. Interested volunteers are welcome to contact our Volunteer Engagement Team  for more information.