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Community Outreach


​Community Outreach 

In line with our mission to lead and promote anti-cancer advocacy, NCCS organises cancer awareness roadshows and public education activities in the heartlands. We believe in empowering the public with the right knowledge and skills to help themselves and their loved ones. Through exhibits and interactive activities at these public education programmes, cancer information is made more accessible to the community. 

Volunteer position & description of volunteer service

Position 1: Facilitators of Learning
To engage the community and facilitate active learning about cancer and prevention.

Level of Patient Interaction: None
Position 2: Assistant Facilitators of Learning
To engage the community and assist the facilitation of active learning.

Level of Patient Interaction: None

Commitment required​You may commit about 8 to 10 collective hours to:
 (i) a training session prior to commencement of volunteer service, and
 (ii) the community outreach event*

*Events take place mainly on weekends.

​Minimum age​21 years old
Desired qualities, personality, talents and/or skills
  • ​Nursing professionals preferred
  • Outgoing personality
  • Healthy and physically fit to be on your feet for a few consecutive hours
  • Approachable, polite, interactive & effectively bilingual – English and Mandarin/Malay/Tamil
  • Ability to converse in dialect is an added advantage
What to note​As we have public education programmes through the year, there is a regular need for volunteer support. Interested volunteers are welcome to contact our Volunteer Engagement Team  for more information.