Research in the 21st century is multidisciplinary and encompasses many areas and disciplines. This involves a range of professions including clinicians, scientists, physicists, mathematicians and IT specialists. Because of the multidisciplinary emphasis on NCCS research, all NCCS departments are actively encouraged to participate in research work.

As the nation's resource for integrated cancer care, we are deeply engaged in basic, clinical and translational cancer research. Translational research, which is research that has direct application to everyday life, potentially can be applied to improve clinical care. Because of the unique integrated organisational structure of the NCCS, research carried out here can find immediate and direct application in clinical practice. This investment in biomedical research reflects the conviction that a strong research ethos is an essential underpinning of high standards of clinical practice. To this end, three research divisions have been established - Division of Cellular and Molecular Research, Division of Medical Sciences, and Division of Clinical Trials & Epidemiological Sciences - staffed by full-time scientists who work in collaboration with cancer specialists of various disciplines.