Cancer Genetics Service

The mission of Cancer Genetics Service (CGS) is to serve as expert base in the principles and practice of genetic and genomic medicine as a single platform for research, academic clinical practice, and education for NCCS and SingHealth. This is to ensure that personalised healthcare is based on rigorously researched and validated genetic information that can be incorporated into all healthcare decisions. The CGS carries the full suite of genetic medicine services, ranging from genetics of adult-onset disorders, such as cancer predisposition syndromes, to rare metabolic disorders. Patient visits to the CGS are set to increase with greater awareness of the role genomics plays in modern day cancer care. Common conditions seen at the CGS include Hereditary Breast and Ovarian Cancer Syndrome, Lynch syndrome, Hereditary Paraganlioma and Pheochromocytoma syndrome, Li Fraumeni syndrome and other cancer predisposition syndromes.

The CGS is staff by medical oncologists with advanced specialisation in cancer genetics. They are internationally known for their specialisation in breast, endocrine-related, gastrointestinal and urological cancers, highlighted by active and on-going contributions to cancer genetics.

Dr Joanne Ngeow, MBBS (Hons), MRCP, MPH, FAMS, is Consultant in the Division of Medical Oncology, National Cancer Centre Singapore, and currently heads the Cancer Genetics Service (CGS). She has an academic interest in hereditary cancer syndromes and translational clinical cancer genetics. Dr Ngeow was awarded consecutive fellowships by the National Medical Research Council and the Ambrose Monell Foundation to complete formal clinical and wet bench training in Cancer Genomic Medicine at the Genomic Medicine Institute, Cleveland Clinic, Ohio. She has published extensively in and serves as reviewer for many top-tiered peer-reviewed journals including the Journal of Clinical Oncology, JNCI, Gastroenterology. Dr Ngeow is an Editorial Board Member for Endocrine Related Cancers and was awarded the NMRC Transition Award in 2014 aimed at understanding how gene-environmental interactions predispose to cancer initiation and progression. 

Clinical Cancer Genetics

We are committed to offering patients the most comprehensive cancer genetics services, aimed at improving clinical care quality of life for our patients and their at-risk family members. The need for genetic testing is normally determined during a genetics evaluation in the context of patient’s personal medical history, family background and physical examination. Specific genetic tests may be initiated following clinical evaluation. The decision to pursue genetic testing is personal, and CGS’s team of genetic experts can help guide you during the decision-making process.

During a genetics evaluation, we will provide you with accurate, up-to-date information about your specific genetic condition in question, explain the details of genetic testing if appropriate and inform you of your medical management options including the surveillance and /or preventative measures, if any, while providing supportive counselling.

We are committed to offering patients the most comprehensive clinical genetics services. Our commitment to world-class patient care has led to innovative diagnostic risk assessments, clinical tools and improved quality of life for patients and at-risk family members.

In addition to providing clinical care, our geneticists and genetic counsellors are actively engaged in the following areas:

• Clinical research
• Education & awareness
• Public policy
• Patient advocacy Patients may be seen through physician referrals.

To make an appointment, please call us at 6436 8088 / 8123 2683.

Clinical Research

As a leading international centre of cancer genetics, research and service are closely associated allowing for best delivery of cutting-edge care to our patients. CGS is committed to performing translational and clinical human genetics and genomics investigation. Currently, our patient-oriented research genetics and genomics protocols span several fields including neoplasia and rare metabolic disorders.

Active Studies:

Molecular Mechanisms For Understanding Cancer Predisposition and Treatment Outcomes

Principal Investigator: Dr Joanne Ngeow


Patients with the following will automatically qualify for study participation:
- Strong family history of cancer, tumours or polyposis
- Young age of onset of cancer than expected (eg young breast or colorectal cancer is typically anyone below the age of 50)
- Cancers associated with high risk of cancer predispostion (medullary thyroid cancer, paraganglioma, pheochromocytoma, adrenocortical tumours, ovarian papillary serous cancers)
- Personal history of multiple cancers (eg bilateral cancers, multiple different primary cancers)
- Patients with known genetic mutations (eg BRCA1/2, Lynch syndrome, VHL, SDHx )

Eligible patients will be offered clinical testing in addition to research enrolment.

If you have questions about eligibility and study methodology, please e-mail the patient's pedigree and a clinical summary to our genetic counsellor, Li Shao-Tzu, email: