Giving to Cancer Care & Research


1 in 3 people will be diagnosed with cancer. By 2030 cancer rates are set to triple. This is a cancer tsunami.

At the National Cancer Centre Singapore (NCCS) we Make More Survivors, by helping patients fight cancer every day. We do this through our ground-breaking research projects and advanced patient care programmes. Through our two funds, the NCCS Cancer Fund and NCC Research Fund, we raise money to support the work of NCCS.



Our NCCS Cancer Fund supports programmes that have been developed to improve and advance patient care. We support financial assistance for patients in need as well as other, vital services such as a Support Groups, Cancer Helpline, Wig Bank, volunteer services and much more.

The NCC Research Fund invests in innovative, world-class research, looking in to cancer's triggers, better diagnosis, improved treatments, and ultimately a cure.

Together these two programmes Make More Survivors. We support patients from the moment of diagnosis, throughout the cancer experience and beyond.

This cutting-edge research and these vital services are only possible due to the support of our generous and kind donors.

Help us Make More Survivors.