About Cancer Research

At least 1 in 4 of us will be diagnosed with cancer in our lifetime. We are working to change this. 

Over the past 40 years, survival rates for cancer patients in Singapore have tripled for men and have doubled for women. This is thanks to the great progress cancer research has made.

Our world-leading scientists here at NCCS, are revolutionising cancer treatment. They are doing pioneering, innovative research to find the breakthroughs that will change how we understand, diagnose, treat and ultimately cure cancer.

We have published over 2,000 academic papers and last year we ran over 185 clinical trials, leading the way for the nation, in the search for better diagnosis tools and improved treatments that will Make More Survivors.

NCC Research Fund

The NCC Research Fund invests in this vital research. Our pioneering research focusses on Asian-specific cancers:  those that have a greater impact on local people. These include breast, colorectal, liver, lung, nasopharyngeal and many more cancers. 

Our comprehensive cancer research programme covers 17 areas of transformation. These programmes will truly change the future for cancer patients and Make More Survivors.

Our key areas of investigation include clinical trials, cancer genetics, immunotherapy, precision medicine, palliative care and proton therapy to name a few.

The NCC Research Fund funds specialized research with three key objectives:

• We provide seed funding to kick-start exciting new areas of research, ensuring that ground-breaking work can get off the ground. Our funding helps scientists to establish a track record, which can help them to secure further funding from the government.

• We give bridge funding to help close the gap between government grant cycles so that researchers can carry on their vital work throughout the year.

• We help by providing advancement funding for tools, equipment and infrastructure, ensuring that researchers have everything they need to do their life-changing work.

Our research Makes More Survivors. But, it would not be possible without the help of our kind donors. People like you.

You can help us Make More Survivors.