About Cancer Care


The National Cancer Centre Singapore attends to over 150,000 visits from cancer patients each year. From the moment someone is diagnosed and throughout their treatment, we are with them, providing patients with the very best care, by the best people, in the best place.

The Community Cancer Fund was set up by the National Cancer Centre Singapore to help cancer patients cope with their diagnosis and treatment and to provide hope for the future.
Cancer brings about extraordinary challenges to patients, caregivers and survivors. Patients and their loved ones are not only faced with the emotional upheaval of a diagnosis, but managing the stresses of daily living can also be challenging.

We provide highest-standard medical care, support, reliable information and a listening ear; helping patients to feel in control of their treatment, encouraging resilience and helping patients and their families get back to enjoying everyday life.


Our new campaign Make More Survivors was launched on Cancer Survivors Day. It is part of our drive to raise awareness and funds to support our research and patient care initiatives. Our patient care programmes are dedicated to making patient’s lives better and ultimately to Make More Survivors.

The NCCS Cancer Fund provides:

• Financial assistance for patients in need; distributing grants to help with medical investigations and treatments.

• Educational programmes and publications for patients, caregivers and healthcare professionals, as well as outreach activities to help educate the public about cancer.

• Cancer Helpline, responding to over 4,500 enquiries per year, answering questions and concerns from patients and caregivers.

• Education and training of professionals working in the field, helping to improve cancer care.

• Enhanced patient care through improved facilities, equipment and infrastructure.

This vital work would not be possible without the help of people like you. Thank you.