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Goh Cheng Liang Proton Therapy Centre

The Goh Cheng Liang Proton Therapy Centre will start operations in Q2 of 2023.

The Goh Cheng Liang Proton Therapy Centre

Cancer is the leading cause of death in Singapore, with 1 in 3 Singaporeans expected to get the disease in their lifetime. The rising incidence has compelled the National Cancer Centre Singapore (NCCS) to seek new treatment options for our patients.

NCCS received a generous $50 million gift from the Goh Foundation to establish the new Proton Therapy Centre and proton-related cancer treatment research. The gift has also given the Centre its name - the Goh Cheng Liang Proton Therapy Centre.

Through this donation, NCCS was able to build a proton facility with 4 full rotating treatment gantries (which can rotate 360 degrees to accurately deliver protons to the site of the tumour) and 1 fixed beam room. With this facility, we will be able to treat up to 1000 patients with proton therapy at NCCS.

Infrastructure Highlights

The Goh Cheng Liang Proton Therapy Centre will have 4 rotating treatment gantries complemented with a fixed beam room. During treatment, the patient will lie on a high precision robotic couch, while the gantry rotates around the patient, so that a precise proton beam can be delivered from any angle to target tumours with pin-point accuracy. Treatment rooms will also be equipped with imaging systems to precisely position the patient for accurate proton beam delivery.