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Using MediSave

In NCCS, you may use MediSave to pay for certain outpatient expenses incurred by you or your immediate family members (spouse, children, parents and grandparents). Grandparents must be Singapore citizens or permanent residents.

MediSave covers:

  • Medicines
  • Investigations
  • Surgical operation fee

For more information on the MediSave scheme, you can refer to the MediSave information on MOH’s website. You can also contact the CPF Board at Tel : 1800-227 1188 or visit their website. Ministry of Health at Tel : 1800-225 4122

MediSave covers up to

  • Medical/surgical inpatient cases
    Up to S$450 per day for daily hospital charges (patient must stay in hospital at least 8 hours unless he/she is admitted for a day surgery). This includes a maximum of S$50 for doctor's daily attendance fees.
  • Approved day surgeries
    Up to S$300 per day for daily hospital charges.
  • Surgical operations (inpatient and day surgery)
    Depending on the complexity of the operation, the limit fixed according to the following table of surgical operation:
Table of Operations ​MediSave Withdrawal Limits
​1A - 1C​S$250 - S$450
​2A - 2C​S$600 - S$950
​3A - 3CS$1250 - S$1850​
4A - 4C​S$2150 - S$2850​
5A - 5C​S$3150 - S$3950​
6A - 6C​S$4650 - S$5650
​7A - 7C​S$6200 - S$7550

  • MediSave can be used for the following outpatient treatment:
Type of treatment MediSave Withdrawal Limits​
​Outpatient MRI scans, CT scans and other diagnostics for cancer patients​Up to $600 per year per patient
Radiotherapy for cancer patients​
  • ​For External Therapy
​$80 per treatment
  • ​For Brachytherapy with external radiotherapy
​$300 per treatment
  • ​For Brachytherapy without external radiotherapy
​$360 per treatment
  • ​For Superficial X-Ray
​$30 per treatment
  • ​For Stereotactic radiotherapy
​$2,800 per treatment

Activation of MediSave 

  1. MCAF-S (Single)
    MCAF-S allows you to decide and provide limited consent on the utilization of your MediSave.

    You can choose to limit the type of schemes and/or the period which you would like to authorize for the MediSave to be used. 

    • Download the PDF form into your phone/computer 
    • Mail the completed form to
      National Cancer Centre Singapore
      Business Office
      11 Hospital Crescent,
      Singapore 169610 

  2. MCAF-M (Multiple)
    MCAF-M allows you to grant full consent to use your MediSave at all MediSave accredited healthcare institutions.

    MCAF-M provides ease as you simply need to sign once, for life, unless revoked. 
    • Submit your MCAF(M) authorization electronically via HealthHub 
    • Login with your SingPass 
    • Follow the steps below