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Patient Guides


​Patient Guides 

Having to undergo a cancer diagnosis, can often be a difficult experience. That’s where more can be done to provide patients and their caregivers some relief by making that experience less daunting during their visit for consultations, scans and/or treatment. Under this programme, our volunteers help the patients as an added pillar of support. This then allows us to redeploy our limited resources to focus on providing the medical care to our patients.

​BeneficiaryNCCS patients
Volunteer position & description of volunteer service

​To provide simple non-medical assistance such as:

  • guiding patients with their registration process for appointments and required services,
  • guiding patients on where to locate required services, and
  • enhancing patients' and caregivers' awareness of Patient Support Programmes available

More often than not, our patients are comforted by the simple but helpful gestures of our Patient Guides, who are donned in the sunny yellow vest and a bright smile.

Level of Patient Interaction: High / Close interaction that requires some training 

Commitment required​You may commit 3 hours every week/month/bi-monthly over a long period, or at least 23 collective hours, over a term of 8 weeks to:
 (i) a 2-hour training prior to commencement of volunteer service, and
 (ii) at least one 3-hour service session* per week 
*Any day(s) from Monday to Friday, between 9am to 3pm
*Each session includes a 30-minute break-time
​Minimum age​16 years old
Desired qualities, personality, talents and/or skills
  • Physically fit to be on your feet for a few consecutive hours
  • Patient, caring & approachable
  • Effectively bilingual – English and Mandarin / Malay / Tamil
  • Ability to converse in dialect is an added advantage
What to noteAs this is an on-going programme through the year, there is a regular need for volunteer support.  Interested volunteers are welcome to contact our Volunteer Engagement Team  for more information.