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The Stars Among Us

The Singapore Health Quality Service Awards (SHQSA) 2020 held in January saw more than 4,200 staff from the healthcare sector honoured for delivering quality service. Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Finance, Mr Heng Swee Keat was the Guest-of-Honour who presented 4,295 Silver, Gold, Star and Superstar awards to healthcare professionals from  43 public and private healthcare institutions, community hospitals and agencies from the Intermediate and Long-Term Care sector.

Meet Dr Yong Wei Sean and Ms Prudence Lim – two NCCS Superstar Award 2020 finalists. 

Ms Prudence Lim – SHQSA Superstar Award 2020 Finalist

Looking after clinical operations in Clinic E, Prudence is known to many patients and staff members. You'll often see Prudence extending a personal touch – initiating conversations with patients and asking about their heath and their family's well-being. "Prudence is very caring, considerate, articulate and a true professional," said one of her patients. She is often described as the "bridge" between patients and their doctors, making patients feel at home and informed.

Fun fact: Prudence is also a registered Phlebotomist. She continues to extend her gentle and skilful touch during blood taking procedures, when needed. Phlebotomists on duty ask for her help when they encounter challenges such as patients with fine veins. Prudence would always oblige and helps to put patients at ease.

"Prudence's gentleness and skills during blood taking have been praised by many patients that she has served," explains Ms Justine Tan, Assistant Director of Clinic Operations. "She is a responsible and committed staff who multi-tasks well. She takes pride in her work and wants every patient and caregiver at NCCS to feel comfortable and welcome".

Outside of work, Prudence actively performs community service and overseas medical mission work. She has previously been to Thailand and Cambodia to help with health screening for young children in orphanages and primary schools.

Five Fast Questions with Ms Prudence Lim

1)      What's one little known fact about you?

I am rather particular with communication – i.e. articulating clearly. I find it important as a lack of clarity can lead to miscommunication.

2)      How do you unwind on the weekends?

Relaxing and 'chilling' with the family, especially the grandparents. A nice glass of Pinot is a bonus!

3)      Of all the things you do, what makes your heart beat the fastest?

Seeing a patient on their feet, feeling and looking better than when they first came into the clinic.

4)      I would love to…

Hone my photography skills and go to Antarctica to photograph, video and watch the penguins.

5)      What motivates you to do your best for patients?

When a patient is diagnosed with cancer, they can feel really down. If I can encourage them with words, a simple hug or just by listening to them, that day is complete for me.


Dr Yong Wei Sean – SHQSA Superstar Award 2020 Finalist

Many colleagues would know Dr Yong Wei Sean  as a dedicated surgeon and Senior Consultant who takes great pride in what he does. Dr Yong not only performs surgery, but also teaches in multiple medical schools and educational facilities. He also serves on numerous committees and speaks at international seminars and conferences.

To his patients, Dr Yong is known as an encouraging surgeon who is prepared to go the extra mile for his patients. Patients feel confident with his surgical skills and bedside manner. Many notice Dr Yong's respectful demeanour when dealing with staff and colleagues. "Dr Yong was my wife's surgeon and we observed that he was a passionate doctor who was not only prepared to go the extra mile for his patient but treated his staff with respect. I would like to express my gratitude to Dr Yong. This recent experience has given us a positive view on how Singapore's public healthcare institutions have transformed. Thank you!" said one of Dr Yong's patients.

Dr Yong is also actively involved in humanitarian disaster relief missions and has volunteered his medical expertise in Gujarat in 2001, Aceh (2004 & 2005) and to Myanmar in 2008.

"Dr Yong has been complimented numerous times by patients and family members for being encouraging, meticulous and passionate", says Associate Professor Gopalakrishna Iyer, Acting Head, Division of Surgical Oncology. "Patients commend his excellent surgical skills, which gives them the confidence and assurance that they will recover well under his care". 

Five Fast Questions with Dr Yong Wei Sean

1)      Why did you choose a career in healthcare?

Like many young students, I wasn't sure what to apply for when I was younger. Eventually I chose to study medicine.  I must say I enjoy it tremendously now!

2)       Of all the things that you do, what makes you heart beat the fastest?

My patients living well and knowing they can enjoy life and spend time with their loved ones as they get older.

3)       How do you like to unwind on the weekend?

Tiring out my children – 3 of them! – so that my wife I can rest and unwind. I appreciate the chance to spend quality time with them.

       If there's one thing you'd like to learn or do, what would that be?

I'd love to learn how to fly an aeroplane, ride a Harley Davidson or sail a boat. I enjoy the outdoors and the feeling of freedom in all these activities.

5)       What motivates you to do your best for your patients?

Each patient has multiple identities. They can be a mother, father, brother and sister to someone. So to me they are more than just a patient. That motivates me to help them get the best possible outcome from their treatment.

The Singapore Health Quality Service Awards are organised by the SingHealth Duke-NUS Academic Medical Centre since 2011. It is Singapore's first dedicated platform to honour outstanding healthcare professionals who have delivered quality care and service to patients.