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Strong Team-Based, Evidence-based Practice

We are a large team of specialists seeing up 6,000 new cases a year. All consultants are qualified in general oncology, while having a subspecialty focus to maximise the quality of clinical care in that particular area. We are organised into the following sub-specialist teams:
• Gastro-Intestinal Team: Oesophageal, gastric, intestinal, colon, rectum, anal and hepatobiliary cancers including liver, gallbladder, bile duct
• Thoracic, Head & Neck, Uro-genital: Lung, mesothelioma, nasopharyngeal carcinoma, kidney, prostate, bladder, germ cell cancers
• Women’s Cancers: Breast, Ovarian, Cervical, Endometrium
• Lymphoma and Sarcoma
• Cancer Genetics
• Oncology in the Elderly
• Experimental Cancer Therapeutics Unit (ECRU)
We are continuously upgrading and expanding our clinical services to keep up with the rapid developments in Oncology worldwide.