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Double Vision (Diplopia)

Double Vision (Diplopia) - What it is

Diplopia is a symptom whereby a patient sees two images of one object.

It can either occur when one eye is covered (monocular diplopia), or only when both eyes are open (binocular diplopia).

In monocular diplopia, possible causes include uncorrected refractive errors, corneal disorders, cataracts and retinal disorders.

Binocular diplopia arises as a result of misalignment of the eyes.
The causes may be due to disorders affecting:

  • Nerves      
  • Nerve-muscle junction
  • Muscles
  • Eye socket (orbit)

Double Vision (Diplopia) - How to prevent?

Double Vision (Diplopia) - Causes and Risk Factors

Double Vision (Diplopia) - Diagnosis

Double Vision (Diplopia) - Treatments

Double Vision (Diplopia) - Preparing for surgery

Double Vision (Diplopia) - Post-surgery care

Double Vision (Diplopia) - Other Information

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