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Chronic lymphocytic leukemia

Chronic lymphocytic leukemia - Diagnosis

Chronic lymphocytic leukemia - Treatments

​Every patient with CLL will have an individualized management plan which will be discussed between you and your doctor. Some patients may benefit from just a watch-and-wait approach whereas some may need immediate treatment. Your doctor would be able to advice you on this.

For treatment of CLL, there has been a great evolution in the last decade with targeted-therapy (like ibrutinib and venetoclax) and immunotherapy (like rituximab or obinutuzumab) playing important roles for both upfront or relapse CLL cases. Targeted-therapy and immunotherapy selectively attack the CLL cells and therefore reduces the effect on your normal cells. 

In SGH, we have the privilege of being able to prescribe some of the newest drug in both clinical and research setting. A small proportion of patient may benefit from usual chemotherapy approach. You can discuss the options of treatment with your doctor based on disease risk profile and the potential side effects.  

Chronic lymphocytic leukemia - Preparing for surgery

Chronic lymphocytic leukemia - Post-surgery care

Chronic lymphocytic leukemia - Other Information

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