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Brain cancer

Brain cancer - How to prevent?

Brain cancer - Preparing for surgery

Brain cancer - Post-surgery care

Brain cancer - Other Information

I have headaches all the time. Could I be suffering from brain cancer?

Headaches have many causes, such as stress, eyesight problems, and migraine. Seek medical help if there are worrisome symptoms, such as vomiting, double vision, weakness on one side of the body, seizures or if the headache is getting progressively worse.

My mother had breast cancer. Now she has brain cancer. Why does she have so many illnesses? Will she die soon?

When breast cancer spreads to the brain, the cancer cells there are still breast cancer cells. It is an advanced stage of breast cancer. With appropriate treatment, some of her symptoms may be controlled. Cancer that has spread to the brain does not necessarily mean that it is immediately life-threatening if appropriate treatment is sought.

Cancer Resources on the Internet

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For further enquiries on brain cancer, please call the Cancer Helpline at (65) 6225 5655 or email to

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