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Be The Light Of Hope

While many long to return to the life they had pre-pandemic, there are others who have to adapt to the changes this pandemic has brought about because there is simply no other choice. For cancer patients, the pandemic adds anxiety to what is an already stressful situation. Yet, they need to continue with treatment even though some of them are affected because of loss or reduced income in the badly-affected economy.

The NCCS’ ‘Be The Light Of Hope’ campaign was launched in July to raise funds for cancer patients who require financial assistance as they continue their cancer treatment. Donations raised from this campaign will help cancer patients by providing general welfare support, transportation to NCCS for treatment and alleviating their financial stress.

Besides monetary donation, the campaign also urges donors to #bethelightofhope by posting a message of encouragement on social media for those who are fighting cancer. In a fun twist, donors are urged to get creative with their post. For example, you can light a candle or wave a torch in a picture or video.

One creative post that caught our eye was a song tribute by a fundraiser who created it as part of her fundraising efforts! Gina Koh, 47, was diagnosed with Breast Cancer early this year. When diagnosed, the first thought that came to mind was whether she had sufficient funds to safeguard her children's education. As a mother, she understands the emotional turmoil a parent may go through if they need cancer treatment and worry about not being able to provide for their children. This is why Gina participated to raise funds to help cancer patients with financial difficulties. Just helping with the cost of school-approved electronic devices for their children can help alleviate their stress.

When we first watched Gina’s song tribute, a cover of Mariah Carey’s ‘Hero’, featuring members from the deaf, the hard-of-hearing and the hearing loss community, our curiosity was piqued. Gina shared that she was inspired to pick up sign language with her daughter to learn how to express themselves without words. She hopes that the video brings across the message of hope and encouragement from a vulnerable community to cancer patients.

-Screenshot of Gina’s tribute song ‘Hero’

To date, her fundraising efforts have raised $13,000. She is encouraged by the generous support from friends and strangers and hopes to reach more people to support the campaign.

Gina’s advice to other cancer patients who are currently undergoing treatment is to stay positive and seek more information about their treatment. She admits that everyone will have good and bad days and shares, “It is okay to not put up a strong front on a challenging day. Always look forward, just having another day is already a win.”.

Want to be a part of this meaningful campaign? You can #bethelightofhope by making a donation and/or posting a message and tag us on social media!