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Our Patient Stories

Cancer and Celebrating the Holidays: Don’t turn Hari Raya into Hari Cry-ya!

Our Researchers

An AI-based contouring tool has been designed to automate the tumour outlining process that is crucial for planning radiotherapy treatment for nose cancer patients.
Patient Care

Our People

We take a look at the unsung and unseen heroes of NCCS, working hard to ensure NCCS is a safe place for treatment with the evolving COVID-19 situation.

Patient Services


Patients who are prescribed medication by their doctor can now easily fill in their prescription by visiting any of the two Outpatient Pharmacies in our facility.

Medical Report

Applying for a medical report has been made easier with this guide from Singapore General Hospital.


At Carelink, our aim is to help you understand your discharge needs, and connect you with the appropricate resources to help in post-discharge care.

Birth Registration

Birth registration services is now available to parents who wish to register their newborns at SGH. The birth certificate can be collected immediately upon registration.