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Helping Our Patients

Supporting Our Patients Throughout their Cancer Journey

Medicine can cure but compassion heals. At NCCS, we understand that caring for cancer patients goes beyond their medical treatments. Cancer patients are faced with tremendous emotional and financial burden as they live and cope with this devastating disease.

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Financial Assistance For Needy Patients

A cancer diagnosis can exert immense psychological and financial strain on both patients and caregivers. At NCCS, we see close to 65% of the public sector cancer patients in Singapore and a majority of them are referred for financial aid. Patients and caregivers are often confronted with financial burdens of cancer treatment due to reasons such as loss of income, high costs of treatment and incurring expenses for other needs that arise from the management of the condition. Anecdotally, some patients and caregivers live on borrowed money from friends and relatives while others cut back on their spending on household daily necessities.

In FY 2018, about 3638 patients applied and were eligible for financial aid. This is a threefold increase from the 1200 patients seeking financial support some years before. Of these patients, about 45% have a per capita income (PCI) of less than $560.

Philanthropic support from donors have made it possible for us to provide additional assistance and reach out a helping hand to patients who need it the most. Our very needy patients receive help mostly in three area of needs comprising transport fees (especially those who are on active treatment), emergency relief and mobility aid.

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Patient Support Programmes

  • Patient Support Groups
    Members of the cancer support groups identify themselves with a similar tumor type or have common goal/direction. Most of these support groups are co-led by a volunteer patient leader and a team of healthcare professionals such as medical social worker, nurses and medical physicians. Activities include medical education, health information and psychosocial support. Your gift will allow NCCS to expand and reach out to more patients through these support group activities. Click to learn more about the different support groups NCCS has.
  • EnReach Retreat
    NCCS’ signature program conducted on a yearly basis, benefitting survivors, patients, family members and caregivers. This 3-day, 2-night program empowers attendees to live well, and covers topics such as diet, nutrition, treatment options, understanding symptoms and side effects, and advance care planning.
  • Wig Bank
    For 19 years, the Wig Bank has been loaning wigs to patients to help them regain their confidence, and feel more like themselves during their treatment and beyond. One patient told us: “The transformation was out of this world. One minute I had no hair, and then I had. The wig made such a huge difference.”
  • Cancer Helpline
    The Cancer Helpline service is a lifeline for patients and their caregivers. Our trained Nurse Counsellors answer over 4,500 calls per year. They listen to patient’s concerns and provide information and support.

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