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Get your jeans on

Make a difference on Jeans For Genes Day!

This is how you can show your support!

Wear your favorite jeans or dress up in blue and share your moments using the hashtag #J4GSG

Make a donation at our online giving page

Purchase the limited edition Jeans For Genes pins at the NCCS pharmacy for $5 each

Here are 3 tips on how you can have fun!

  1. Become a Denim Fashionista!
    Get your friends and family to go denim crazy. Spice up your outfit of that day with denim wear. Don’t forget to shout out your support and show off your trendy fashion style on social media with the hashtag #J4GSG

    Can’t wear jeans?
    You can still support by going all blue! Get the office or a group of friends to dress up in blue – blue socks, blue shirt or blue tie, blue bag, blue skirt…etc. Go Blue!

  2. Get creative and do a mini fundraiser activity!
    Here are some ideas to get your family, friends and co-workers to donate and support your fundraising activity.

    - Baking enthusiasts, get your creativity flowing! Have a bake sale by selling blue cupcakes, cookies or muffins and donating the proceeds towards the campaign.

    - Musicians, this is your time to shine! For a small donation, you can perform for them.

    - For those who are into manicure, you can advertise your services and do up some pretty looking nails all just for a donation.

  3. Are you into fitness?
    Get your friends together for a work-out class in your denim or blue athletic wear and have some sweaty denim fun! Remember to take photos and shout out your support!

Your Gene-rosity saves lives

Your effort can help make a difference on Jeans For Genes Day.

Research to find tomorrow's treatments

Improve patient care

Financial aid for needy patients

Medical education and academic programmes