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NCCS Mascot “Buddie the Badger” Outreach


​NCCS Mascot “Buddie the Badger” Outreach 

The humble honey badger is reputed to be the most fearless animal on the planet. The reason being, he never gives up, no matter how big his opponent. Such is his tenacity; he’s been known to fight bears and even lions. Not even bee stings can deter him from reaching his favourite – honey. We likened his character with that of our many cancer fighters. “Buddie the Badger” plays an important part in engaging the community at NCCS’s outreach activities. He also shows up at NCCS from time to time during special occasions to bring some colour and cheer to our patients. 

Volunteer position & description of volunteer service

Position 1: Mascot Talent

You will support outreach efforts by educating the community about cancer prevention, creating awareness or entertaining patients during special occasions.
Level of Patient Interaction: Moderate/Basic Interaction that involves meeting patients

Position 2: Mascot Chaperon

 You will facilitate the mascot activity and assist in safety management of the activity.

Level of Patient Interaction: Moderate / Basic interaction that involves meeting and speaking with patients

Commitment required​You may commit about 4 to 6 collective hours to:
 (i) a pre-event briefing & costume fitting and
 (ii) the outreach activity*

*Events may take place on weekdays during clinic operational hours or on weekends.

​Minimum age​18 years old
Desired qualities, personality, talents and/or skills
  • Outgoing personality
  • Healthy and physically fit
  • The following applies to Position 1 only:  
    - About 1.7m to 1.8m tall 
    - Physically slim with shoulder
    broadness of less than 18"/45cm
What to note​Opportunities are on an ad-hoc basis hence the specific volunteer dates and times will only be determined and publicised about 4 to 6 weeks before the activity. Volunteers are welcome to register their interest first.