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Festive Fundraising Drive


​Festive Fundraising Drives  

Thanks to our volunteers, our Festive Fundraising Drives (during Chinese New Year, Ramadan and Hari Raya, and Deepavali) for year 2016 wrapped up with $28,000 raised in aid of the NCCS Cancer Fund, greatly supported by our generous donors and dedicated volunteers.

The Fund supports cancer patients in their journey towards a better survival and hope of regaining good health; as well as support cancer education programmes for a cancer-free future.

We are seeking volunteers to support our following wave of Festive Fundraising Drives in year 2018.
Donations to NCCS Cancer Fund help provide:

  • Financial assistance to needy patients
  • Education and training of cancer care professionals for better patient care
  • Improvements in infrastructure, equipment, facilities, and processes that enhance patient care
  • Development of cancer related educational programmes and publications
​Beneficiary​NCCS patients
Volunteer position & description of volunteer service

​Fundraising Ambassadors
To promote the spirit of giving, in aid of Community Cancer Fund, during festive seasons. Ambassadors will distribute coloured Packets to visitors at the NCCS, actively encouraging them to donate. Volunteers will be briefed prior to carrying out their service.

Level of Patient Interaction: Moderate / Basic interaction that may involve meeting and speaking with patients

Commitment required

You may commit to a 1-hour orientation prior to commencement of volunteer service and about 3 to 6 hours per day*:
 (i) 9am to 12pm (includes a 15-min break-time), or
 (ii) 12pm to 3pm (includes a 15-min break-time), or
 (iii) 9am to 3pm (includes 2x 15-min break-time and 1-hr lunch break from 11.30am to 12.30pm

*Any day(s) during Monday to Friday (during our Festive Fundraising periods).

​Minimum age​16 years old
Desired qualities, personality, talents and/or skills
  • Physically fit to be on your feet for a few consecutive hours
  • Positive and bubbly
  • Articulate & outgoing personality
  • Comfortable with speaking to visitors and asking visitors to make a donation
What to note

Interested volunteers are welcome to contact our Volunteer Engagement Team  for more information.

Our next upcoming Festive Fundraising Drive are in conjunction with:

Chinese New Year during February 2019 (To be confirmed).

Register your interest soon to volunteer!