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Prudence: "Have a strong mind and a strong body will follow”

The Singapore Health Quality Service Awards celebrates the brightest stars in healthcare who have delivered quality care and execellent service to patients. Prudence Lim, an Executive at the National Cancer Centre Singapore has been a three-time winner of the award and this year, the ninth year of the ceremony, she's a Superstar finalist. Prudence gives us an insight into her experience, inspiration, plus what's next for her!

Q: Why did you decide to go into this industry?

Prudence (P): I was very inspired by my aunt who was a community nurse. She had a special connection with patients and as a young person I thought ‘wow, how can anyone open up to someone you don’t know?’. When I look back, I am sure it was the care, love and compassion she showed. I used to follow her on community visits every weekend. It was then that I realized it could be my calling.

Q: What keeps you going in your role?

P: Being able to be part of a patient’s life. The first connection you make with a patient is ever so important. It comforts me that I can be there for a patient, for them to know there is someone when they come for an appointment, even though it’s someone they just met.

Q: What is your most memorable experience in NCCS?

P: A few years ago, there was a gentleman who was very ill after treatment but his main doctor was not around. I asked another doctor for help and straightaway, he agreed. He saw him and sent him home with medication. I was so grateful for his instant help when patient needed him the most. It showed me that there is love, hope, care and compassion and made me so proud of our doctors.

Q: How do you unwind and relax?

P: I love traveling! Reading as well. Once a year, I try to do mission work at refugee camps in Cambodia. Sometimes, I also join medical missions with churches, to assist doctors with things like eyesight test and blood pressure taking. I also enjoy playing with my granddaughter!

Q:What’s next for you?

P: I am going to make a conscious effort to work on my soft skills. We can be too task-oriented until we forget how important these skills can be. For example, little gestures like offering to find information for patients or knowing what to say at the right time.