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"Your value doesn't decease just because you are diagnosed with cancer"

Q: How do you think the community can support Adolescent & Young Adults (AYA) patients?

Hui Min (HM): The community can support AYA patients by being more considerate and caring. They could be more aware of their actions, e.g. not stare at patients just because they are bald and look pale!

Q: In what ways did you feel supported?

HM: My family were there for me  throughout my cancer journey. We cried and laughed together, they would hold my hand when I'm not feeling well or in pain. My doctors kept encouraging me when I am down, inspiring me with their passion for healthcare. My physiotherapist shared many tears with me. We met when I was still wheelchair-bound, to using 1 crutch, to lifting 10 pounds with ly left leg and later on, 25 pounds. I cried with joy when I managed to lift 25 pounds last month!

Q: What three things would you tell a person who just yesterday learned of their cancer diagnosis?

HM: It's not going to be easy. You might have to take a break from work/school just to focus on your recovery. Know that it is going to make you a stronger person and you will never be able to forget your cancer journey!

Life is fragile, start loving those around you and don't push away those who love you.

Your value doesn't decease just because you are diagnosed with cancer. You are beautiful, you are loved.

Q: The one thing you wish everyone would do/say to an AYA patient

HM: Never ostracise them even if they are no long working/schooling. Keep them updated so that they will feel that they are still part of the company/school.