Make or Change Appointments

Welcome to the SingHealth Appointment System. We offer you 3 convenient ways to make, change or cancel your medical appointment.

Change or Cancel Your Appointment Online

Patients may change or cancel their existing appointments directly with our online system.

This service is for all Specialist Outpatients Clinics (SOC) appointments,
except for those below
, which require closer monitoring:
  • Medical Oncology consultation
  • Cancer Genetics Service
  • Treatment appointments (Chemotherapy &/or Radiotherapy)
  • Diagnostic Imaging services (X-ray, CT Scans, MRIs, Mammograms, Ultrasound)

    Terms and conditions for online appointments:
  • Strictly for non-emergency and non-urgent cases. For medical emergency, please call 995
  • Subject to availability of slots
  • Booking valid only when you receive an acknowledgement that your appointment has been changed
  • You have sufficient supply of medicine till your next appointment date.

    Please indicate your agreement before proceeding.
    See full terms and conditions.

    We use SingPass for your security. Please have your login ID and password ready.

    No SingPass? Apply online for SingPass here. Or use our .

    Make a New Appointment

    Please fill in our online form so we can nominate an appropriate specialist. We will contact you within one working day.

    Contact Our Call Centre

    Call us to make, change or cancel your medical appointment.

    Local / Singapore Patients International Patients
    Tel: +65 6436 8088

    Tel: +65 6236 9433
    Operating Hours Operating Hours
    Mon - Fri: 8.30am to 5.30pm
    Sat: 8:30am to 12:30pm
    Sun & Public Holidays: Closed
    Mon - Fri: 8.30am to 5.30pm
    Sat, Sun & Public Holidays: Closed

    Guidelines when you visit our Centre:

    First Visit

    Please bring the following documents:

    • NRIC or Birth Certificate (if you are under 15)
    • Passport and Employment Pass / Work Permit (if you are a foreigner)
    • Civil Service Card / Public Service Card (for civil servants and their dependents only)
    • Referral letter from your polyclinic / private doctor
    • Any other medical reports / biopsy results / x-ray films etc

    Press for a queue number at the pre-registration counter. Our staff will attend to you shortly.

    You will be issued a queue number based on the appointment time. A new queue number will be given if you arrive later than the appointment time.

    To ensure that the correct service is rendered to you, our staff will ask for your name and NRIC or Address or Date of Birth at every point of service contact.

    Follow-Up Visit

    To facilitate a smooth registration process, please bring your appointment card/list on each visit.

    Press for a queue number at the pre-registration counter. Our staff will attend to you shortly.

    You may also self-register at the Self Registration Kiosk. Follow the instructions as indicated on the kiosk. After registering, you will be issued an appointment queue number.

    In the event you encountered an unsuccessful self-registration, you will be issued with a pre-registration queue number from the kiosk. Just proceed to the waiting area and our counter staff will attend to you shortly.

    Please note that the queue number displayed on the queue board may not be in running sequence.

    You can go for your meals or attend to other matters while waiting to see your doctor. If you have registered for SMS Queue Reminder Service, a SMS will be send to your handphone to remind you of your appointment.

    Blood Investigations

    Proceed to Level 2, Patient Care Services.

    Press for Queue number (yellow button).
    The lab counter staff will process the payment before blood tests are done.

    If you need to do blood investigations before your consultation (on arrival), you may choose option (a) or (b). If you are doing:

    (a) a day or more before the appointment date – you may leave the Centre after blood-taking. On your consultation day, please present the blood test slip (given by lab technician) together with the appointment card/list at the counter.
    (b) on the appointment day – Depending on the type of blood test you required, please adhere to the following:
    • Arrive 1 hour or 1 1/2 hour before your appointment time
    • Proceed to the Patient Care Services for laboratory registration and blood taking. The laboratory technician will issue you a slip (stating the time the blood was taken) upon the completion of blood taking.
    • Proceed to the clinic and present the slip, together with your appointment card/list, to the counter.