NCCS Cancer Fund

The NCCS Cancer Fund (previously known as the Community Cancer Fund) supports:

  • financial assistance for needy patients;

  • education and training of medical, nursing and paramedical professionals for better patient care and cancer prevention;

  • development of cancer related publications for oncology professionals, patients and public; as well as

  • improvements in infrastructure, equipment, facilities, processes and patient touch points for enhancement of patient care. 

Since its inception in 1998, funds raised in a variety of ways provide support for specific cancer research and public education projects. The fund was renamed in year 2011 to better reflect its purpose with a strong focus on optimising patient care.

With your help, more lives can be touched as cancer affects 1 in 3 here. Financial assistance can help to diminish some distress that they experience from challenges that they may face along their cancer journey.

Financial Information

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Non-financial Information

  FY2016 Year in Review     FY2014-2015 Year in Review



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Charity Status

  • Charity Registration No.: 01481
  • Charity Registration Date: 14 December 2005
  • Gov. Instrument: Rules & Regulations
  • ROS Registration No.: Not Applicable
  • Date of Establishment: 21 July 1998

IPC Status

  • Effective Date: 1 September 2016 to 31 August 2018
  • Member of Central Fund: Health Endowment Fund


     Mr Lee Hsien Loong
     Prime Minister, Republic of Singapore

NCCS Cancer Fund Board of Trustees


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