About Us


The National Cancer Centre Singapore (NCCS) is Singapore’s only comprehensive cancer centre. It engages in research on cancers that are common among Asians. NCCS is firmly positioned at the interface of clinical cancer care and oncology research. Our trajectory is clearly aimed at translating advances from research into better standards of care in clinical oncology.

NCCS has three research divisions- Medical Sciences, Cellular and Molecular Research, and Clinical Trials & Epidemiological Sciences.

NCCS has invested in and continually upgrades its research infrastructure to provide centre-wide support for all researchers. This includes a Biohazard containment facility, a GMP grade facility dedicated to the preparation of clinical grade research material and major shared equipment and two vivaria for small animals i.e. a specific pathogen-free facility and a clean holding room, which are NACLAR-compliant (National Advisory Committee for Laboratory Animal Research), AAALAC accredited (Association for Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care), and are licensed and annually inspected by the Agrifood and Veterinary Authority of Singapore.

Our laboratory-based research projects involve collaborators from local and international institutions. They are drawn from the National University of Singapore, Nanyang Technological University, Duke-NUS Medical School, Genome Institute of Singapore, Experimental Therapeutics Centre, Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology and Institute of Medical Biology. International collaborations include many research institutes and universities such as Cambridge University, UK; the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute; Sun Yat Sen University Cancer Centre, China; Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Taiwan; MD Anderson Cancer Center, US; Stanford University, US; Van Andel Institute, US; Baylor College of Medicine, US; Netherlands Cancer Institute, and other European and Australian institutions.

NCCS’ track record of high quality work makes us a trusted partner in collaborative and multi-centre studies. Our research community of research staff forms synergistic teams that address clinically relevant questions in cancers of special interest in our population and beyond Asia. Cancers of high incidence in Singapore and other Asian populations such as head and neck, breast and stomach, are challenges that NCCS is well positioned to address with its high clinical throughput, rich biospecimen resources and a pipeline capable of advancing projects from laboratory investigators to pre-clinical studies and human trials. Moreover, NCCS researchers have a proven record of success in securing competitive funding from both research councils in NMRC and BMRC, and from A*STAR supported syndicate funds. In moving research from the laboratory to clinical practice, NCCS is experienced at working with the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry directly, or through the Economic Development Board (Singapore). To date, NCCS has been awarded a total value of $279 million by competitive research grants and industry contracts.

For more information on NCCS Research, please see Research.